Ariana Grande Accused of Wicked Betrayal

'BETRAYED' Ariana Grande held woman's baby, said she'd like a child of her own, then ran off with her husband - News

Ariana Grande, the star of the upcoming blockbuster Wicked movies, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The singer has been accused of tearing apart the family of her co-star, Ethan Slater, by starting a new romance just 11 months after his baby was born. The soon-to-be-divorced wife of Slater, Lilly Jay, has expressed her anger, calling Ariana “not a girl’s girl.”

According to sources, Ariana and Ethan developed feelings for each other while filming Wicked in London. Lilly reveals feeling blindsided and betrayed by the relationship, as Ariana had spent time with them as a couple and their baby Ezra. In fact, Ariana had expressed her desire to have a child one day, leading Lilly to believe their bond was genuine. However, Ethan has now filed for divorce, and Lilly is determined to share her side of the story with the press.

A close source to Lilly shared that the three of them would often have dinners together in London whenever Lilly visited Ethan on set. Lilly even witnessed Ariana holding their baby and had conversations about starting a family of her own. Despite discovering the affair, Lilly initially chose to work on their marriage. However, with Ariana and Ethan openly displaying their relationship on the Wicked movie set, everything has changed.

To make matters more complicated, Ariana’s ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, flew to London to try and save their marriage before it broke down in January. Ariana’s love life has been marred by whirlwind romances and painful break-ups, with this recent scandal adding to the list. However, despite the public backlash, experts believe her loyal fan base will continue supporting her.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede emphasizes that relationships always have two sides. He also suggests that people still view Ariana as the child star from kids’ TV, not realizing that she is now a grown woman. Ariana’s romantic ups and downs have been witnessed by her fans throughout her journey to adulthood. Ede believes that despite the scandal, Ariana’s fans understand that love and happiness have eluded her thus far.

Ariana’s string of public relationships includes Australian YouTuber Jai Brooks, rapper Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez (her backing dancer), the late Mac Miller, and comedian Pete Davidson. Her engagement and subsequent split with Dalton Gomez came as a shock to many. Now, with her new relationship with Ethan Slater, Ariana faces more scrutiny from the public.

As Lilly Jay focuses on rebuilding her life as a single mother, the world watches Ariana’s romance unfold. Will she find the happiness she’s been searching for, or will her relationships continue to be plagued by scandal and heartbreak? Only time will tell.