Amy Roloff’s Great News After Her Marriage to Chris Marek

Amy Roloff has great news after her marriage to Chris Marek

Amy Roloff, known for her role on the popular show ‘Little People, Big World,’ has had some exciting changes in her life since divorcing her ex-husband and finding love again with Chris Marek.

But Amy’s journey has not just been about her own personal life. Throughout her time on the show, she has used her platform to challenge the misconceptions and discrimination faced by individuals with dwarfism. Amy and her family have successfully shown that people with dwarfism can lead fulfilling lives and should not be stigmatized.

Amy first crossed paths with Matt Roloff at an LPA conference back in 1987. Despite living miles apart, they quickly formed a strong connection and soon found themselves in a long-distance relationship. After a few meetings in person, Matt proposed to Amy during a visit to Yosemite National Park. Overwhelmed with emotion, Amy tearfully accepted his proposal.

Together, Matt and Amy have built a loving family and purchased their Oregon farm. Throughout filming their reality show, Amy demonstrated that it is possible to balance raising a family and pursuing a career. She also actively participated in school activities and dedicated herself to charitable work through the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

In 2016, Amy and Matt decided that their marriage could no longer continue. Following their divorce, the production team encouraged Amy to start dating and meet new people, but she needed time to heal and was not ready for that step.

Eventually, Amy made the decision to sell her share of the farm and start afresh. It wasn’t long before she found happiness again, remarrying Chris Marek.

Amy and Chris’s love story didn’t happen instantly. They went on a few dates and gradually realized that they had something special. Their relationship blossomed, and eventually, they tied the knot.

Chris Marek is the owner of the real estate agency Keller Williams and has also made appearances on television alongside Amy.

We wish Amy and Chris a lifetime of happiness and a successful journey together. They have proven that love can find you at any stage of life and that true happiness knows no boundaries.