American Idol Has a New Champion! Abi Carter Wins Season 22

American Idol Has a New Champion! Abi Carter Wins Season 22

Abi Carter has taken home the crown! She faced stiff competition from Will Moseley, who snagged second place, and Jack Blocker, who took third.

After a thrilling three-hour finale, Abi Carter is the newest American Idol!

In the grand finale on Sunday, May 19, Carter triumphed with her original song “This Isn’t Over” and a beautiful version of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?”.

Disney/Eric McCandless

This season, Carter stood out right from her audition, where she sang Eilish’s song from the Barbie film. Hailing from Indio, California, the 21-year-old always dreamed of being on American Idol, saying, “This is just me doing it.”

Impressed judges had a lot to say as well. Lionel Richie remarked, “We don’t have to vote.” Katy Perry added, “Thank you for being an example of singing from your heart… What were you made for? You were made for this. 100%.” Luke Bryan was equally thrilled, stating, “That may be the winner of American Idol. I’ve never heard the crew clap.”

This season, Carter consistently impressed audiences across the country. Earlier this month, her take on Adele’s “Hello” became a judge’s favorite.

Richie couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “That was her best. That was her best in her best. She turned that song into her song. Every whisper… she’s the only lady I know that can make a whisper a note.” He further praised her for her expressive voice and hinted at her potential to win, claiming, “She’s got it and might fool around here to win this thing. It depends on how it goes, but I mean, that’s how I feel. She’s that strong and getting stronger.”

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