Al Roker Misses ‘Today’ Show as Beloved Dog Pepper Undergoes Emergency Surgery — Shares Heartfelt Update

Al Roker, a familiar face on NBC’s Today for many years, noticeably absent from the broadcast today, left viewers wondering about his whereabouts.

The beloved weather anchor was attending to a family emergency of a different kind: his dear dog Pepper needed urgent medical care over the weekend.

Following the tense situation, both Roker and his wife took to social media to provide updates on Pepper’s condition.

This Sunday, Al Roker, aged 69, shared via his social platforms that Pepper, who is 12 years old, had to undergo emergency surgery but thankfully, is now recuperating.

“She’s receiving excellent care and returns home tomorrow,” Roker remarked, along with a heartwarming image of Pepper. “Woof. Feel free to snuggle on our bed as much as you like,” he affectionately added.

Deborah Roberts, Roker’s wife and fellow journalist, also expressed her feelings online regarding the family’s ordeal.

“Today, my heart is filled with gratitude,” Roberts posted. “Our littlest family member, Pepper, experienced quite an emergency requiring surgery, but luckily, she is on the path to recovery.”

“We heartily welcome all your thoughts and prayers for our adorable Pepper, who has been a part of our family for 12 wonderful years,” she continued.

Absence from the Today show on May 6 was noted, as Roker took time to be with Pepper. While it’s uncertain when he will return to the air, it seems it might be soon, given Pepper’s improving condition. Dylan Dreyer stepped in to cover the weather during his absence.

Roker and Roberts welcomed Pepper into their lives in 2012 when they adopted her from a Pennsylvania shelter, a story covered by Us Magazine.

Pepper often features in Roker’s social media and even made a live appearance during a home broadcast in March 2020 amidst the pandemic.

“Pepper wants to give you a lick on the face, but she’ll keep it socially distant,” Roker joked with his colleague Hoda Kotb, holding the dog on his lap during the segment.

Kotb responded, “Watching you with Pepper just warms my heart.”

We are relieved and glad to hear that Pepper is recovering well after her emergency procedure!