After 27 minutes, the woman dies and is brought back to life. Her message chills the spine.

A remarkable story about a woman who died for 27 minutes before being resurrected has gone viral on social media. Her message, on the other hand, is fantastic.

A photo of a tattoo on a woman’s wrist has gone popular on social media because of the incredible story behind it.

The tattoo looks to be written in a chaotic fashion, but a closer look reveals what it says: “It’s real.”

The story behind Madie Johnson’s tattoo is not only strange, but also breathtaking.

Madie said in the description that her aunt Tina experienced an unexpected cardiac arrest a year ago in the caption that was uploaded alongside the tattoo.

Doctors declared Tina dead before admitting her to the hospital, but Madie’s uncle Brian and first responders brought her back to life four times.

Tina was placed on a defibrillator at the hospital and “miraculously” woke up after some time and asked for a pen.

Tina then wrote in her journal, “It’s real.” “The individuals in the room asked, ‘What is true?” “And she reacted by pointing up to heaven while crying,” Madie wrote in her post.

Tina was said to have died for 27 minutes before being revived.

Madie noted that Tina’s experience is “too real,” and that it “has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away.” Madie wrote for her aunt before signing off, “The way you proudly love Jesus and others have transformed the way I desire to live and love.”

Tina was shortly released from the hospital, according to Fox News. Madie included photos of herself with her aunt in her post.

After being shared online on June 19, her message received over 22,000 likes. Madie’s Instagram is flooded with emotional remarks.

“This actually touched my heart and, like you, gave me faith.” Thank you for your contribution. “I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery for your aunt Tina,” one person said, while another added, “May we all carry out the heritage of faith Tina Marie has shown us.”

“Oh my god, this is really fantastic,” another person said.