A woman discovered an odd “egg” on her room’s ceiling and questioned on Facebook what it was.

We are all aware that anything on the internet can go viral quickly, especially when it comes to more odd news that may be of great interest to others. As a result, the image provided by this woman quickly became viral.

At first sight, the image appears to depict a strange “egg” hanging from the room’s ceiling.

The woman who posted the photo on social media appeared concerned and thought she needed help from an authorized person, which is why most people who saw the photograph had the same reaction and thought it was weird.

Of course, the image quickly went viral, and everyone shared it on their profiles or various groups and sites. More and more people were asking what was in the photo.

“Does anyone have any idea what that is?” was asked in response to the image. This is the effect of the internet, and it can be good or detrimental at times.

Going viral on the internet isn’t always the best thing that can happen to you. Still, it may sometimes be helpful, especially if you have a query and want to check whether anyone else has been in your scenario before.

The woman who shared the photo had no idea what that was or how long it had been there. The woman appears to have only seen the “egg” when she snapped the photograph, so she has no idea if something may survive in it, if it appeared recently, or if there are more in the house.

To be honest, it doesn’t look very good, and most of us would be terrified if we saw this in our homes.

Although the post went viral, no one seemed to know what that “egg” was, but most people assumed it was a packet of spider eggs. That’s why many people speculated that there could be a lot of eggs in that object and that the house could be infested.

However, everyone voiced their opinion. One individual even attempted to make a joke, claiming that if we had lived billions of years ago, he would have claimed it was unmistakably a dinosaur egg.

Others encouraged them to contact an authorized person for assistance, and others even suggested that the woman put on a protective suit and sting the “egg” to see what would happen. Even though everyone had different answers and alternatives, no one knew what that item was.

Everyone was surprised when they discovered out because no one expected such a response. The brave father of the woman who posted on Facebook went to check what was truly there.

It appears that the strange “egg” was expanding foam from the roof of the house that had entered the ceiling.

Who would have thought of that? However, it is good that it was only that and not something more serious or a spider’s nest that may infest the entire house.