A Traditional Wife’s Unconventional Approach to Happiness

Monica Huldt, a self-proclaimed traditional wife, is challenging the norms of marriage by allowing her beloved husband, John, to have intimate relationships with other women while she tends to her household chores. While this may sound unconventional, Monica claims that her primary focus is to make her husband happy, even if it means sacrificing her own desires.

At 37 years old, Monica identifies as a “tradwife” and takes pride in embracing a traditional lifestyle. She spends her days cooking, cleaning, and dressing modestly, all while being submissive to her husband’s every whim. In a world where some women are turning back to the 1950s and 1960s housewife role, Monica believes in pleasing her husband, who she considers to be the man of the house.

Monica and John’s marriage is a unique one. While Monica dedicates herself to the upkeep of their home, John is granted the freedom to pursue his desires with other women whenever he pleases. This arrangement may raise eyebrows, but Monica insists that it works for their relationship.

During an interview with the YouTube channel Love Don’t Judge, Monica expressed her dedication to her husband, saying, “I live to please my husband, John.” She emphasizes that he sets the rules in their household, and their six years of marriage have been blissful.

Naturally, people wonder why Monica is willing to sacrifice her own needs for her husband’s happiness. John himself acknowledges that this non-traditional aspect of their relationship is a small part of their dynamic. He attributes its appeal to basic genetic programming, referencing how other mammals operate, with the alpha male having multiple partners.

Monica, undeterred by societal expectations, embraces her husband’s freedom to explore his desires. Despite criticism from childhood friends and even her own strong-minded nature, Monica remains steadfast in her love for John. She believes that his assertiveness is a trait she finds attractive in a man, further cementing their unorthodox arrangement.

In a world where relationships come in all shapes and forms, Monica and John’s traditional marriage takes a unique twist. While it may not be a conventional path to happiness, this couple is breaking boundaries and challenging societal norms by prioritizing their individual preferences within the confines of a committed partnership.