A Sorrowful Loss For The Roker Family, R.I.P.

Patricia Roker, Al Roker’s sister, passed away due to a stroke. The Today show host shared the news on Instagram and a photo of his late mother and sister, Isabel.

According to Roker’s caption, Patricia’s nickname was Boo, and she leaves behind a loving husband, Nigel, and two children, Langston and Adam.

Sheinelle Jones, one of Roker’s coworkers, responded to the message with loving emoticons. Roker was admitted to the hospital earlier this month for blood clots in his legs and lungs and was released just a few days later.

He also recently revealed the death of a close friend, Mark Traub, from leukemia after a long battle.

Roker has been dealing with health issues and losing a sister and friend. He was brought to the hospital with blood clots in his legs and lungs in early November and was released on Thanksgiving. However, he was returned to the hospital the following day.

According to an eyewitness, Roker’s health was alarming, but he improved after being admitted to the hospital. According to the eyewitness, Deborah Roberts, Roker’s wife, was naturally angry. Roker was recently released from the hospital and is now reunited with his family.