A newborn baby who is three days old, craws, raises its head, and begins to speak.

A new mother was surprised to see her 3-day-old daughter behave like a 3-month-old. She was astounded by the shocking incident, which was recorded on camera and went viral, as was the grandmother. A doctor gave a statement outlining the origin and course of this episode.

A first-time mother, Samantha Mitchell was astonished when newborn Nyilah Daise Tzabari began lifting her head and attempting to crawl just three days after birth.

When Samantha and her mother were able to capture this incredible moment on camera, Nyilah was lying on her stomach on the hospital bed. The baby is moving around, making amusing noises, and even lifting her head to look around.

In a TikTok video, Samantha asks her mother, “Is that normal?” to express her disbelief. “No,” the child’s mother responds, “she’s only three days old.”

Mom, she’s crawling! “This is unbelievable,” exclaims Samantha, adding with her mother’s disbelief that “She should not be this strong already.”

Although this situation may appear strange to us, doctors believe they encounter it frequently. Dr. Karan Raj said, “This baby is hungry and looking for a free boob.”

The fact is that newborn babies can be mysterious, especially for first-time parents. Some things, like crying without tears or making their milk, are normal, and people shouldn’t be terrified.