A Modern-Day Homemaker: Spending Hours in Tradition

Over the last century, millions of women have made their way into the workforce, challenging and often changing traditional gender roles. These days, marital partnerships often see duties divided more equitably between spouses.

However, some women choose to embrace traditional roles wholeheartedly. Meet twenty-five-year-old Estee Williams, married to 23-year-old Connor. Estee identifies as a “tradwife,” a term used for women who prefer to stick strictly to traditional domestic roles, and her lifestyle choice has sparked considerable debate online.

Estee’s journey into traditional homemaking began in 2020 while she was studying meteorology and met Connor. The pair from Virginia found they shared many common interests and soon developed a deep bond. Connor works as an electrician, and Estee prefers doing all the household chores, leaving him solely to focus on his job. She relies very little on his domestic participation, embracing her role with pride.

Estee’s daily tasks extend beyond cooking and cleaning; she coordinates her entire day around her husband’s schedule, including her gym visits and shopping, strictly leaving decisions on these to him. She also ensures she looks her best for Connor’s return from work each day.

Currently childless, the couple plans to maintain their traditional lifestyle when they start a family, with Estee being a full-time homemaker and even homeschooling the children to closely monitor their academic engagement.

Estee’s decision is influenced by her childhood, having seen her own mother struggle with the demands of both work and home following a divorce. Despite criticism from some social media commentators who label her lifestyle choice as “lazy,” Estee appreciates the freedom from professional and financial pressures.

As an adult, Estee embraces her right to choose her path in life. How do you feel about her dedication to traditional roles? She represents a perspective that is both traditional and uniquely her own.