A Heroic Flight Attendant Saves a Young Girl from a Dangerous Situation

Working as a flight attendant means spending a lot of time with passengers. You get to know their characters and intentions almost instantly.

Sometimes, this intuition and awareness can lead to life-changing moments. Just ask Sheila Frederick, a 49-year-old flight attendant with Alaska Airlines, who recently became a hero.

Sheila was on a routine flight from Seattle to San Francisco when she sensed that something was wrong. Sitting next to her was a young girl, no older than 15, accompanied by a much older and intimidating man. The girl looked terrified, and her appearance seemed out of sync with the man’s. This raised immediate concerns for Sheila.

Most people would ignore these suspicions, but not Sheila. She knew that taking care of passengers also meant looking out for their safety. So, she mustered up the courage and decided to confront the situation. The girl remained silent, and the man became defensive, which only confirmed Sheila’s instincts.

But she didn’t stop there. Sheila cleverly devised a plan to talk to the girl discreetly. Waiting for her to leave the restroom, Sheila checked the message she had left in there earlier. To her horror, the message read, “I need help.” That was the final confirmation she needed.

Without wasting another moment, Sheila picked up the phone and dialed 911. Security personnel were waiting at the gate as the plane landed in San Francisco. The man was apprehended and later found to be involved in prostitution. It was clear that Sheila had saved the young girl from a dangerous fate.

Sheila’s act of courage and quick thinking turned a potentially tragic flight into a life-changing moment for the young girl. It’s amazing how the person you need in a difficult situation can come from unexpected places.

Sheila’s story is a reminder that heroes can be found even in the most ordinary of professions, like flight attendants. They have a unique vantage point and the power to make a difference in someone’s life. Hats off to Sheila Frederick for her bravery and selflessness!