A Heartwarming Interview with Paris Jackson: Meet the Jackson Family’s “Oldest Brother”

Paris Jackson, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s daughter, has established herself as a multidimensional artist and notable personality in the world of entertainment.

She was born in Beverly Hills, California, on April 3, 1998, and grew up in the shadow of her famous father, but she has since emerged as a unique and creative individual.

Paris Jackson has carved out her own path in the spotlight, captivating the hearts and minds of fans all over the world with her intuitive inventiveness, unrelenting advocacy for mental health, and unmistakable sense of style.

Paris Jackson showed an early interest in the arts, including music, acting, and modeling. Her charismatic presence and remarkable appearance quickly drew the attention of the fashion world, paving the way for a successful career as a model.

Simultaneously, she started on a musical journey, founding The Soundflowers, a folk-rock band, and demonstrating her vocal abilities as a singer-songwriter. Paris has also dabbled in acting, making her television debut in “Star” and afterwards participating in other films and TV productions.

Paris Jackson is a strong champion for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights in addition to her creative endeavors. She has been forthright about her own difficulties with mental health concerns, and she has used her platform to de-stigmatize these illnesses, pushing people to seek assistance and support.

Her charitable work has included collaborations with groups committed to mental health, substance addiction rehabilitation, and suicide prevention, showcasing her dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals suffering similar challenges.

Paris Jackson’s genuine and compassionate approach to campaigning has garnered her worldwide appreciation and respect, cementing her place not only in the entertainment industry but also in the field of social change.

Discovering the Jackson Siblings’ Bond

In an incredibly rare and honest moment, Paris Jackson, the 22-year-old daughter of iconic musician Michael Jackson, revealed the beautiful bond she shares with her three siblings. During an episode of her Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered, released on July 21, Paris and her brothers discussed their “oldest brother,” Omer Bhatti, a 36-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper.

Meet Omer Bhatti, the Unofficial Jackson Sibling

To their surprise, many who believed that Prince Jackson, 23, and Blanket Jackson, 18, were Paris’ only brothers learned about Omer’s special place in the family. When Omer appeared on the show, he confirmed that he considers himself an older brother to the Jackson children. Omer explained, “My mother was employed as Prince’s nanny when he was born, and I’ve been there for Paris since she was a baby. I’d say we kind of raised her. She is my younger sister in every way.”

Omer fondly described the joy he felt when he became a part of the Jackson family. “I’d always wanted younger siblings, and I got them with Prince, Paris, and Blanket. It brought me a lot of joy.”

An Unbreakable Bond

Paris, who shares an incredible closeness with her older brothers, expressed her deep love for them. She said, “They have my whole love. Every time we see each other, we feel revitalized by our time together.”

Unlike her relationship with Prince, with whom she often has typical sibling disputes, Paris and Omer have never had any conflicts. Their bond remains unbreakable and full of love.

Unique Perspectives

As the Jackson siblings grew, Omer had the incredible opportunity to observe their individual development and gain unique insights into their personalities. He shared, “Paris was undoubtedly a rebel, always more rebellious than Prince. When they were kids, Prince and Paris were diametrically opposed.”

Omer noticed that Prince was more in line with their father’s teachings, and he took it upon himself to guide Paris. “He noticed that I was similar to him in that he was always the big brother trying to educate her right from wrong.”

Miracle Encounters and a Father Figure

Omer, popularly known as O-Bee, first encountered Michael Jackson when he began performing at the tender age of nine. Looking back on their connection, Omer shared, “Being on TV and having these appearances subsequently brought me to Michael Jackson. In a sense, he adopted me and served as a father figure and mentor to me.”

Like a sponge, Omer absorbed everything as a young child and saw Michael as his role model. “He later claimed that I was like a tiny version of him. Finally, I joined him on his tour. I’d be sitting almost right on the stage.”

Now, these extraordinary relationships, bound by love and shared experiences, continue to flourish within the Jackson family. Paris, Prince, and Blanket have found solace in having an “older brother” like Omer, someone who has been there for them through thick and thin. The Jackson siblings’ connection shows just how powerful and beautiful chosen family can be.