A Day at the Baseball Game: Shakira and Gerard Piqué Support Son Milan

Shakira and her ex, Gerard Piqué, showed their support for their son Milan at his recent baseball game. Despite rumors of infidelity causing their breakup, the former couple came together to cheer on their nine-year-old son. However, they made the decision to sit on opposite sides of the stands, creating an awkward standoff between the two.

Shakira arrived with their youngest son, Sasha, who appeared to be caught in the middle of his parents’ feud. In contrast, Gerard was alone, accompanied only by a new and much younger girlfriend. Despite the tension, Shakira remained cool and casual for the outing, wearing a jean jacket, white t-shirt, and dark pants, topped off with an off-white bucket hat that coincidentally matched Gerard’s baseball cap.

As the game progressed, Sasha spent time with both of his parents. Shakira enjoyed the crowd’s company, smiling and putting on a brave face, while Gerard sat on the other side of the stands, observing the game with a serious expression. The photos obtained by Daily Mail show no interaction between the ex-couple during or after the game.

Shakira recently spoke out about their separation, which occurred in June. Despite the difficulties, both parents continue to prioritize their children and support them in their pursuits. Milan undoubtedly felt their love as they watched him play baseball.

While their relationship may have changed, their dedication to their children remains unwavering. It’s heartening to see them come together, even if it means sitting on opposite sides of the stands.