A baby with a rare skin disease is delivered by emergency C-section by medical professionals.

Joy, eagerness, and uncertainty are all present during a mother’s nine months of pregnancy. The health of the infant is what the new parents desire. Unfortunately, that does not always happen.

Highland, New York, resident Jennie Wilklow was eager to see her daughter. She and her husband were thrilled to be able to embrace her. They were at peace because every ultrasound and doctor’s visit indicated the baby was healthy, so they never anticipated that adorable Anna would be born with a disease that would permanently alter their lives.

At 34 weeks, Jennie underwent a C-section to deliver Anna. Jennie only wanted to hear that she looked gorgeous from the doctors then.

Soon after, the happy mother overheard her daughter crying, which was just another indication that everything was fine with her precious child.

He appeared worried and perplexed and was oddly silent when her husband visited Jennie.

“My husband’s silence scared me; he just sat in shock as the doctor left, and I prodded for more info,” Jennie said in an interview with Cafe Mom.

“He just kept repeating, ‘It’s horrible. What even does that mean? I entertained a thought. He said, ‘Jennie, I looked in her eyes, and she has the most lovely spirit.’”

Harlequin ichthyosis, an uncommon illness that results in thick diamond-shaped plates divided by deep fissures, was identified as Anna’s ailment. “Within seconds (after birth), her skin toughened as they urgently tried to help her. According to Jennie, who spoke to Cafe Mom, it began to split after hardening, leaving raw scars all over her body.

Despite the doctors ‘ concerns that she wouldn’t, Anna defied the odds and is now doing well. She was pure beauty, according to her mother.

The therapy is difficult since there is no cure because it requires frequent bathing and keeping the skin as hydrated as possible. “I bathed her for many hours of the day, covering her with Vaseline every couple of hours. Though it may seem insignificant, Jennie remarked, “I had dreamed about the clothes my kid would wear for years. It was what I struggled with the most.

On her Instagram profile, harlequin-diva, Jennie publishes images of Anna to spread awareness about this disease. She shares the difficulties of having a child with harlequin ichthyosis and the daily obstacles they face.

“Anna won everyone’s hearts because she embodies perfection in its purest form. When I work for her, performing the work each day is easy, and when I reach a new goal, everyone rejoices with me, Jennie told Cafe Mom.

“I now realize that I was given her because of the love I already held for my daughter,” she continues. “We were supposed to be together because Anna was intended for me, and I was meant for her.”

Anna is lovely just the way she is, and she is fortunate to have parents who try to provide her with a typical childhood.

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