7 Kids’ Homework Questions That Make Adults Scratch Their Heads

Homework assignments are getting more complex these days, and it’s not just the students who are struggling. Some parents are also left scratching their heads when faced with their children’s homework. Luckily, there’s always help available from the online community. Here are some examples of puzzling homework questions that have left parents seeking answers on Reddit and Twitter.

Grade 1 English: A Fish’s Fin

One mom was stumped by her first-grade son’s English homework. He had to circle the photos that had the same ending sound as a fish’s fin. The options available were a hamburger bun, a frog, a jar lid, and a spoon. Reddit users came to the rescue, explaining that the ending sound didn’t necessarily have to rhyme with “fin.” Answers like bun and spoon, both ending with an “n,” were considered correct.

Kindergarten Mystery

Kindergarten homework questions are usually straightforward with the help of an adult. However, one parent couldn’t figure out the three-letter word needed to name the picture on the activity sheet. The picture showed a rabbit with her bunnies playing. A kind Reddit user suggested the best answer: pet. They also explained that worksheets like these often try to make the last question harder by changing the sound of the letter at the end of the word.

Grade 3 Math Challenge

Math problems for elementary students are usually solvable with the given numbers. But one third-grade student had to solve the question: “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?” Reddit users found this question unfair for a third-grade student. Some suggested answering in a similar manner, like “Janell lost her marbles.” Another user humorously said, “She has some left.”

A Six-Year-Old’s Mystery

Even some assignments for six-year-olds can be perplexing for parents. On one activity sheet, there was a print of a paint splatter and several apples. The question read: “How many apples could be covered by the paint? There cannot be more than 20.” Reddit users were also confused by this question, with one person even thinking it might be a riddle.

Singaporean Math Challenge

A Twitter user shared a math problem meant for grade one students in Singapore. It seemed almost impossible to solve, but one person managed to find a solution by tweaking the question a bit.

Another Tricky Math Problem

Another math question posted on Twitter left people scratching their heads. It asked students to calculate the perimeter of a shape based on the calculations of another shape. One person replied with a complicated answer and sarcastically remarked, “It’s very much justified to ask these to a ten-year-old.”

Solving for X

Math can sometimes be complex, but usually, there’s one solution. However, one math problem found on Twitter was just too difficult for many. It involved an orchestra of 120 players taking 40 minutes to play Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The question was, how long would it take for 60 players to play the symphony? While the math seemed irrelevant to some, as a performer who had played the symphony many times, one Twitter user explained that the speed of the symphony is not solely determined by the number of musicians performing it.

So, the next time you come across a puzzling homework question, remember that you’re not alone. There’s always a community out there ready to help you find the answers you need.