7 Awesome Benefits Of Getting Older

Getting older can be a scary prospect. Each birthday brings on moans of “my life is over,” and “the end is nigh!” (Or maybe that’s just me, and maybe I’m just dramatic.) But trust me when I say there are definitely a lot of perks when it comes to getting older.

Think of your grandma who always speaks her mind, or your awesome mom who has unshakable confidence. Don’t you want to be like them? It’s good to have role models when it comes to aging, because we definitely aren’t getting good vibes from society. Commercials constantly bombard us with anti-aging this, and youthfulness that. Aging people are looked upon with pity, and I think that’s just sad.

Everyone gets older, so you might as well accept it, and even get excited about it. If you can change your attitude about aging, then a few lines and wrinkles won’t scare you. Besides, who wants to be young forever, anyway? No one ever clings to the negatives of youth, such as lack of money, lack of independence, and social drama.

Each stage of life has its perks, and each stage also has some major downsides. It all just depends on your perspective and your attitude. So, I say we start looking at aging with a little bit of positivity.

To start you off, here are a few things to look forward to when it comes to getting older.

  1. Career Stability

It’s not uncommon for young people to job hop, work odd hours in coffee shops, or have multiple part-time jobs. So consider how nice it will be once you’re older, and hopefully settled into a more stable career. It may sound boring when you’re young, but there’s definitely something to be said for a nine to five schedule with guaranteed weekends.

  1. More Mature Relationships, Because Screw All That Drama

As you get older, high school cliques seem like ancient history, and memories of dorm room drama fade into the past. It’s nice, I must say. And it makes it possible to have more mature relationships. When everyone around you starts to grow up, you’ll find it easier to form lasting relationships with friends, coworkers, and your SO. Basically every type of relationship improves, and it only gets better as the years go by.

  1. More Perspective On Life

I’d pay a lot of money to get back all the time I spent worrying about pointless things. When you’re young, you have nothing to compare things to, so even the most minor of life events can feel earth-shatteringly horrible. Need to miss a day of work? Go cry because you’re convinced you’ll get fired. Can’t go to a party? Might as well have a total breakdown. It’s exhausting! But once you get older, you realize that those little things weren’t worth getting upset over. And when a similar situation happens again, you can look back with wisdom and remember it’s not worth a freak out.

  1. Better Decision-Making Skills

In the same vein as having more perspective, getting older also allows you to confidently make decisions. It may be because you’ve made similar decisions in the past, so you now have a “been there, done that” type of attitude. According to an article by Sarah Wassner Flynn for Prevention, “Some experts say that the more years we clock, the easier the task of making tough decisions becomes. And according to a recent study published in Psychological Science, the insight and life experiences adults acquire over time make them better equipped to choose, well, wisely.”

  1. More Security

Remember when an offhand comment could send you into a pit of despair? As you get older, you feel more secure with yourself, and so it’s easier to let negative comments roll right off your back. According to Wassner Flynn, it’s true that self confidence does tend to grow with age. “The likely reason: Accumulating experience and wisdom makes us feel more valuable, boosting our self-esteem,” she writes.

  1. Less Importance Placed On Looks

It can be tough to let go of the idea that you’re youthfulness will one day fade. But once you get a few cool gray hairs, and some smile lines, you start to realize that those are just as beautiful as a young, fresh face. It can also mean finally relaxing regarding your looks. As Yagana Shah notes on the Huffington Post, “… let’s face it, younger folks have more pressure to look a certain way. As if it isn’t bad enough that everyone and their mother is posting selfies 24/7 on every social media network under the sun, we’re also being told by makeup counter girls that we should start considering preventive aging potions. Oh — and living in constant fear of FaceTime calls.” Won’t it be so nice to no longer give AF?

  1. The Ability To Go To Bed Early Without Being Judged

Remember the days when you’d stay up late for the sake of your friends, when all you really wanted to do was hit the hay? Well, kiss that guilt goodbye, and look forward to climbing into bed nice and early. It’s a perk of getting older, and everyone will respect (and appreciate) your desire to sleep. As Shah notes, “There are few things better than a good night’s sleep. Spending a Friday night in a sweaty, crowded club and waking up with ringing ears the next day is not one of them.” I agree.

In short, don’t be afraid of getting older — it comes with too many perks!