6 Popular Riddles and Trivia to Wake Up Your Brain

Have you ever watched detective shows or movies and felt like a brilliant detective ready to solve the case? Well, now is your chance to test your logic and attention to detail with these popular riddles and trivia. Get ready to wake up your brain and step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes!
We at Bright Side have handpicked these brain teasers for you to ponder over and have some fun playing detective.

1. Find the code.

A serial killer has kidnapped a man and locked him in a room. The victim has been given a challenge – if he can figure out the secret code, he can escape unharmed. In the room, there is a plate with liquid poison, a matchbox with only one match, a glass, and a slice of lemon. The code is written under the poison, but the victim cannot touch or move the plate. He only has one minute to solve the challenge.

Can you figure out how he can find the code and escape?

2. Save the princess.

In a fairy tale kingdom, a princess has been locked in a tall tower that is 50 meters high. Luckily, she has a rope, but it is only 25 meters long. Somehow, she manages to escape from the tower using the rope.

How do you think she escapes?

3. Help them escape.

What should they do to escape?

Three men have been kidnapped and locked in a room. The only way to escape is through a window located high above them. If at least one of them can escape and reach the outside, he can call the police for help. The men try to help each other by standing on top of each other’s shoulders, but the person on top is still a few inches short of reaching the window.

4. What’s the right question?

A group of prisoners has been given a chance to be free. There are two doors guarded by two security guards. One guard always tells the truth, and the other guard always lies. One door leads to freedom, while the other door leads to certain death. The prisoners can only ask one question to one guard.

What question should they ask to determine which door leads to freedom?

5. Find the winner.

Once upon a time, an old king wanted to find a suitable husband for his only daughter. He gave each prince in the kingdom a seed and asked them to grow a plant. The prince whose plant grows the tallest would marry the princess. After three months, all the princes returned with their plants, except for one prince. Surprisingly, the princess chose him as her husband, even though his pot was empty.

Why do you think the princess chose the prince with an empty pot?

6. Who is the killer?

Four friends – Anne, Dan, Bill, and Josh – are under suspicion of having a serial killer among them. Here are some facts:

  • Anne and Dan fell in love at first sight when they met two months ago.
  • Last night, Bill went for a walk with one of the innocent friends.
  • Anne and Josh celebrated Christmas together.
  • Dan knows the killer from school.
  • The killer was paralyzed from the waist down last month.

Can you figure out which one of them is the serial killer?

We hope you enjoyed these brain teasers! Let us know in the comments which one was the most challenging for you to solve!