28 Years Later, The Adventures of Pete and Pete’s Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna Are Still Best Friends

The on-screen brothers are still close friends and frequent collaborators.

Nickelodeon/courtesy Everett Collection; Danny Tamberelli/Instagram

Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna are forever bonded as Petes.

The monthly podcast features the two on-screen brothers looking back at memories from making the show, including behind-the-scenes tidbits, as well as updates on what’s going on in their lives today.

Maronna, 47, also continues to work in entertainment — these days, behind the scenes as a rigging electrician. He occasionally appears with Tamberelli in his live comedy show, Nostalgia Personified.

“It’s me and whoever else I’m doing it with — usually Lori Beth Denberg, who was also on All That, or Mike Maronna, who is the other Pete — and we show old clips of us and talk about what was going on,” Tamberelli shares.

Tamberelli and Maronna starred on the Nickelodeon series, which began in 1989 as a series of shorts that aired during commercial breaks. There was so much interest in Pete and Pete’s unusual world that the show was picked up for a series of longer specials and, eventually, a half-hour series. The Adventures of Pete and Pete ran for three seasons, from 1993 to 1996.

“Pete and Pete was this weird, surreal, left-of-the-dial kind of kooky show,” Tamberelli tells PEOPLE.

The series featured Tamberelli and Maronna as brothers, both red-headed and named Pete, and their neighborhood adventures with friends. The series was widely regarded as well-written and featured countless celebrity cameos.

“Basically any scenes that I got to do with Iggy Pop or Toby Huss, they were quite memorable,” Tamberelli says.

Maronna even served as one of the groomsmen in Tamberelli’s 2018 wedding to wife Kate, with whom he co-wrote his upcoming novel, “The Road Trip Rewind.”

The novel, a time-travel adventure meets romantic comedy that follows screenwriter Beatrix Noel as she watches her beloved screenplay — based on actual events in her life — come to life, with a child star turned adult actor, Rocco Riziero, playing her dad, a beloved author who became accused of a crime as a result of one of his books.

Courtesy of Danny Tamberelli and Kate Tamberelli

Speaking with PEOPLE about the nostalgic look back at the late ’90s, the actor remembers the time as “that perfect sweet spot.”

“You could use the internet, but you couldn’t really use it the way we use it now. There was still freedom and maybe you didn’t have a cell phone, so you weren’t completely connected. You could truly be off the grid for a little bit,” he says.

“And there were so many awesome shows, and so much good music, things like that,” Kate adds. “Everyone was watching the same things at the same time. On Friday nights, we’re watching TGIF. On Saturday nights, you’re watching SNICK if you were lucky enough to have cable and channels like Nickelodeon.”

The Tamberellis explain that growing up in a time with “less options” meant more common ground between people.

“I think there’s a lot to be said for that. We were all really tuned into so many of the same things that it really felt like a moment. It just felt defining to who we were as kids,” Kate says.

“And it all felt so specific to that time,” she continues. Now I think there’s so much of everything, it’s harder to pin down exactly what makes this pop culture era for kids.”

“The Road Trip Rewind” is available wherever books and ebooks are sold on Tuesday, May 21.