16 Things Very Few People Know the Real Purpose Of

Blade Holder for a Slap Chop

Do you ever come across strange objects and wonder what they’re actually used for? You’re not alone! Many people turn to the internet to solve these mysteries. We’ve compiled a list of 16 such objects along with their real purposes. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Blade Holder for a Slap Chop

Ever seen a strange contraption and wondered what it’s for? This is a blade holder for a slap chop or a similar chopping tool. It helps you cut and chop vegetables and fruits with ease.

2. Corner Protectors for Ratchet Straps

Sometimes, Amazon delivers unexpected surprises. If you ordered a solder flux but received these instead, don’t worry! These are corner protectors for ratchet straps. They keep your straps from getting damaged and maintain their strength.

3. Clips for Plant Support

Have you ever come across these clips under your bathroom sink? They may seem out of place, but they actually serve a purpose. These clips are used as plant supports, especially for orchids. They help keep plants upright and provide necessary support.

4. Japanese Sugar Dish

Curious about an item from Japan? This object may look mysterious, but it’s simply a sugar dish. Perfect for keeping your sugar organized and easily accessible.

5. Attachment Kit for Treadle Sewing Machines

Sometimes, you stumble upon old objects that puzzle you. This attachment kit is from the late 1800s and is used for treadle sewing machines. It helps attach various sewing accessories and makes sewing easier.

6. Corner Connectors for the C-Channel

Ever wondered what these aluminum pieces are for? They are corner connectors for the C-channel. Although they may not seem to connect together, they play an important role in building structures with the C-channel.

7. Rice Mold with a Wooden Tool

Are you curious about this wooden tool that resembles a juicer? Well, it’s actually a rice mold. It’s used to shape rice into beautiful and decorative forms, adding an artistic touch to your meals.

8. Headphones or Charger Wrapper

Have you ever received a small gadget that you couldn’t figure out? This item is actually used to wrap up headphones or charger cables. No more tangles or knots!

9. Motorcycle Front Axle Covers

Sometimes, surprises come in the form of unexpected packages. If you received these from Rome, Italy, without asking for them, they are motorcycle front axle covers. They add a stylish look to the front wheel of a motorcycle.

10. Freemasons Eye of Providence Moons

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind certain symbols? These symbols can be fascinating! If you’re curious about the eye of providence moons, do a quick Google search and prepare to be intrigued.

11. Strange-Looking Footstool-Sized Furniture

Sometimes, furniture leaves us scratching our heads. This strange-looking piece is actually a footstool. It may not resemble a traditional one, but it serves the same purpose – providing a comfortable place to rest your feet.

12. Bad Knife Sharpener from the ’50s

Do you have any vintage objects that you can’t quite identify? This wooden-handled object with circular metal attachments is a bad knife sharpener from the ’50s. It might not be the best sharpener, but it definitely has a unique design.

13. UV-C Sterilization Lamp in a Vent

Have you ever noticed a green light inside a vent? It’s likely a UV-C sterilization lamp. These lamps kill germs and viruses as they pass by, helping keep the air clean and preventing the growth of mold and other harmful substances.

14. Firewood Carrier

This metal object with a handle at the top might seem puzzling, but it’s actually a firewood carrier. It makes transporting firewood much easier and more efficient.

15. Electric Hot Water Bath/Double Boiler

Ever encountered a mysterious item built into a kitchen counter? This is an electric hot water bath or a double boiler. It’s used for delicate cooking that requires precise temperature control, such as melting chocolate or making custards.

16. Stackable Pieces from an Elderly Woman’s Bathroom

Last but not least, these stackable pieces with a hole in the bottom were found in an elderly woman’s bathroom. While their exact purpose is unknown, they might have been part of a personal organization system. Sometimes, objects hold sentimental value that only the owner can understand.

We hope you enjoyed discovering the real purpose behind these mysterious objects. Have you ever found something you couldn’t understand the purpose of? Share your stories in the comments below!