14 Mysterious Objects Whose Purpose Is Really Hard to Guess

Have you ever come across an object and wondered what it’s used for? Well, there is a whole community on Reddit dedicated to solving the mystery of these objects. They share photos and try to figure out their purpose. We at Bright Side also took on the challenge of guessing the purpose of some of these objects. Let’s see if you can guess too!

1. A Perfume Atomizer?

One Reddit user found this object in their grandparents’ old home, inside an old jewelry box. After much thought, the consensus was that it could be an old perfume atomizer. It’s fascinating how objects from the past can still puzzle us!

2. A Hair Pin?

Another Redditor had this object lying around and wasn’t sure what it was. After some brainstorming, it was concluded that it looked like a hair pin. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one!

3. A Forky Double-Headed Thing?

This strange claw-fork had Reddit users scratching their heads. But after some deliberation, it was revealed that this tool is used for cutting meat. You can hold the meat from above with its help. Mystery solved!

4. A Thin Metal Tool?

One person found this thin metal tool in their laundry. After some investigation, it was suggested that it looked like a rake lock pick. Who knew doing laundry could uncover such mysteries?

5. A Bamboo Straw with a Cleaning Stick?

This object came with a book, leaving the owner puzzled. But fear not, it is actually a bamboo straw with a cleaning stick. It’s great to see sustainable alternatives being included in everyday items!

6. A Mystery Item from a Drawer?

This mysterious item was found in a drawer at home, leaving its owner hesitant to throw it away. Luckily, someone recognized it as a tool to help tighten the springs of a trampoline. Another mystery solved!

7. A Coconut Cutter?

The Reddit user’s dad shows this peculiar object to everyone who visits their house, hoping to find out its purpose. Well, it turns out that it’s not a coconut cutter, but rather a coconut meat scraper. You sit on the wooden part, cut the coconut in half, and scrape the meat with the end blade. It’s a handy tool for making coconut milk or using in desserts and baked goods.

8. An Abalone Shell Gifted by a Seagull?

Sometimes nature surprises us in unexpected ways. In this case, a seagull dropped an abalone shell next to someone after they gave it some bread. Some bird species, like crows, are known to give gifts. So, consider yourself lucky and amazed by this unexpected present!

9. A Tongs-Like Object?

This object may look like a pair of tongs, but it’s actually a tarp clip. Useful for securing tarps and covers, it’s a handy tool to have around.

10. A Lid and Jar Opener?

Have you ever struggled with opening a stubborn jar lid? Well, this tool is here to help! It’s a lid and jar opener, making your life in the kitchen a little bit easier.

11. Antique Telegraph Switchboard?

This large object puzzled many, but it was revealed to be an antique telegraph switchboard. It’s amazing how technology has evolved over the years!

12. A Picture Frame Holder?

If you’ve ever wondered how to display a picture frame without it falling over, this object has got you covered. It’s a picture frame holder, ensuring that your memories stand tall.

13. A Mysterious Key?

Finding a mysterious key can be quite intriguing. But fear not, this key is not from a secret treasure but rather a key to a safe deposit box. Head to your grandfather’s bank and find out what awaits you!

14. A Weight Loss Patch?

This mysterious object found in a cabinet remained a mystery until someone made an educated guess. It seems to be a weight loss patch. But remember, it’s always best to consult with a specialist before trying any weight loss methods. A healthy diet and physical exercise are usually the recommended paths to take.