13-year-old Boy Uses $3 Item to Save His Sister from a Kidnapper

Owen Burns, a brave 13-year-old boy, showed extraordinary courage when he saved his sister from a kidnapper. It was just a regular afternoon when Owen heard his sister’s screams. At first, he didn’t think much of it and thought she was being silly. However, when he looked out of his window, he saw something alarming. Without wasting any time, he took action that would ultimately save his own life.

Owen’s Quick Thinking

Owen was about to start playing his favorite game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” on his PlayStation 3 when he heard his sister screaming in the backyard. Initially, he was annoyed, but he soon realized that something was wrong. He decided to investigate the situation.

A Terrifying Discovery

When Owen reached his bedroom, he saw a stranger attempting to drag his eight-year-old sister towards the nearby woods. Fear took over him, but he didn’t hesitate. Owen quickly grabbed his trusty slingshot and collected nearby objects that could serve as ammunition. He aimed with precision and launched a marble right between the eyes of the kidnapper. The impact staggered the assailant, but Owen didn’t stop there. He struck him in the chest with another shot. The kidnapper was furious and filled with curses, but Owen didn’t back down.

A Heroic Rescue

The incident took place in broad daylight at Owen’s house in Michigan’s Alpena Township. According to their mother, Maggie Burns, kidnappings are rare in the neighborhood. Thanks to Owen’s bravery, his sister emerged unharmed from the encounter, although she was understandably terrified. The Michigan State Police have confirmed that the 17-year-old kidnapper will face adult charges.

At a news conference, Lt. John Grimshaw praised Owen, describing his actions as “extraordinary.” He emphasized that Owen’s quick thinking and bravery saved his sister’s life or prevented something terrible from happening to her. The young man truly deserves commendation for his heroic efforts.

A Simple Slingshot to the Rescue

It’s remarkable to note that Owen used a regular slingshot, nothing out of the ordinary. His mother had bought it for him at a sale for just $3. Owen would often practice shooting at old orange juice cans in their yard to improve his aim.

An Unthinkable Scenario

When Owen first witnessed the kidnapper trying to abduct his sister, one thought consumed his mind: if the stranger succeeded, his sister would likely be killed or forced into a life of terrible abuse. Grimshaw’s account of the incident reveals that the kidnapper approached from behind, grabbing her just like in the movies, with a hand over her mouth and an arm around her waist. This was a nightmare scenario that Owen couldn’t let unfold.

Fighting Back

Fearlessly, Owen took aim with his slingshot and unleashed a barrage of shots at the kidnapper. The impact was so forceful that the assailant released his grip on Owen’s sister, allowing her to sprint back to the safety of their house, sobbing. Owen’s anger surged, and he stormed outside, cursing at the kidnapper. He even threw a baseball, but it missed. Unfortunately, the rubber on Owen’s slingshot cracked during his third attempt, rendering it ineffective. Nevertheless, he showed an unwavering determination to protect his sister.

The Heroic Call for Help

After the horrifying encounter, Owen and his sister immediately contacted their mother, who had been helping out at a relative’s house. Overhearing her distressed children on the phone, she rushed home and promptly called the police. Though in shock for a few days, Maggie could not be more proud of her son’s brave actions.

The kidnapper was later found hiding at a nearby gas station and was indicted on several charges, including attempted kidnapping, attempted criminal assault, and misdemeanor assault and battery. Police reports confirmed that the suspect had injuries consistent with slingshot strikes to his head and chest.

Maggie initially had doubts about Owen’s claim of hitting the kidnapper accurately from a distance of 200 feet. However, the police confirmed the accuracy of Owen’s shots, explaining that the suspect’s forehead had a noticeable bump from the marble impact.

A Real-Life Hero

Owen’s response to his mother’s skepticism was simple but profound. He reminded her that things depicted in movies can and do happen in real life. This young man’s courage and quick thinking prove that heroes exist in our everyday lives.

This heartwarming story showcases the selfless actions of a big brother protecting his young sister. Share this tale with your friends and family to inspire and motivate them. Let us all remember that bravery and heroism can be found in the most unexpected of places.